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Emma Capitanelli, Staff Writer

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Without a doubt there have been a lot of changes since the beginning of this school year;
one of the biggest changes has been the transition from Collierville AM to Collierville Today.
Originally airing at 7 am each morning, the show is now prerecorded and plays four times during
5th period.
The show time was changed in order to increase instruction time in first period, according
to Mr. Robbins, the producer of the show and the Advanced TV Production teacher. In the past
when there was a standardized test, first period would lose most of its precious time to testing,
and the first 10 minutes of class would be consumed by the show, leaving no time for instruction
in 1st period. With an increase in standardized testing and extra time in fifth period, playing the
show in the afternoon seemed like the most reasonable option.
Another benefit of having the show air later in the day is for the students in the TV
production class. Not only does Collierville Today provide students with relevant information
regarding school matters, but the classes, Intro to TV Production and Advanced TV Production,
help build an understanding of the necessary skills to produce a show. Collierville Today allows
for those necessary skills to be assessed and evaluated on a daily basis. Because it is no longer a
live show, the students have time to learn and preform certain, necessary skills such as editing.
Even though it will take some time to adjust to the changes, Mr. Robbins says that Collierville Today
will always serve as “a pipeline for information” for the students in Collierville High School.


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Inside CHS: Collierville Today