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Throw Back Week: Halloween Edition

Kayla Cave, Co-Editor

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Just about every kid in the country dresses up every year on Halloween in the most creative costume they can come up with. I personally think that Halloween is one of the best holidays because it forces us to use our imagination.

Almost every girl dreams of being a (Disney) princess. Instead of that I wanted to be the coolest and most violent “princess” that isn’t a princess that Disney has come up with… Mulan (duh).


Here you can see the majestic butterfly Nicole (staff) in her natural habitat. Also, can we take a minute to reflect on the cuteness of her face?

Yep, doesn’t stop being cute.


Not so cute in this one, Nicole looks a bit demonic. Don’t take her candy; she might just kill you.


And the most horrifying picture from my childhood, my fourth grade mind at work. I came up with The Creepy Pizza Man. Mom said no, but sure enough…


And because you made it through that mess, here’s a picture of nicole wearing the Pizza Man mullet.


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Throw Back Week: Halloween Edition