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Spring: Rebirth

Jazmine Grayson, Staff Writer

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Spring is the most wonderful time of the year- to some. Some people only see it as a time for rainy weather, agitated allergies and flying insects. Others primarily see it as a season that means the earth is tilting on its axis. But overall, people enjoy the lively season. After a long, bitter cold winter, heat finally makes its way into the spotlight, plants, trees, animals and insects all wake up; there is vibrancy in color again. The wind is no longer a chilling bite, but warm breezes that tangle in wind chimes. Everything is so fresh and beautiful in spring. Why? Because it’s the time where everything comes back to life and breathes again.


Now you have to wonder: are people reborn in spring? Now this question may seem tricky due to multiple interpretations of it. Does it mean are people reborn religiously, literally, or figuratively? Since religion is a touchy subject and the literal sense is pretty much next to impossible, figuratively is the best bet. Anyway a few people claim that spring is the perfect time for change instead of the New Year and guess what, it is. It’s not just some season that starts on March 20th and ends on June 19th (for this year). It really is the time for something new, where the human consciousness can open up, where peoples’ perspectives see things differently, where new opportunities are realized.


So if you’re stuck in a dark pit in your life and you want some serious change then this is the time to do it. This is the time where you can be more optimistic, more out-going, more loving, more passionate, more serious, more anything. Winter was the time when everything was secluded in its shell and saw more of the dark than the light, but spring is where people should look on the bright side. You should know what this means: no more moping in the corner, leaning your head against the wall, keeping yourself excluded from everyone, locking yourself away from the world. It’s time to come out, try something new, something out of your comfort zone.


However this still may not be something that is easy to do. You may be still trying to cope after the death of a family member, or you may be in charge of a huge project in order to impress an important company, or you may even be coping after a breakup, or you may be sitting in a jail cell wondering how you were framed, or you may have just gotten out of a huge fight with your best friend, or you may be facing financial problems. Obviously it can be anything going on, no matter how severe, but there’s a reason why spring is the season for rebirth.


Life is hard, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean to just up and quit. You have to se the positivity of things. Life is hard so you can be strong and build your character; it’s the ultimate test to see what kind of person you are. During spring you should experience a sense of being born again. So all of the complications, alterations and frustrations from the past should have died in the winter along with the internal negativities that have been weighing you down. It’s time to let those grudges and worries wash away from you. So step out back out into the sunlight, sniff those flowers, swat away those bugs and get back on the saddle.


It’s springtime.



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Spring: Rebirth