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Amanda Joyner, Staff

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Students at Collierville High School have to face privacy issues every day in the school restrooms. Going into the student bathrooms for the first time shocked many individuals once they realized an invasion to their personal space was present. There are no locks on the bathroom doors.

Walking into the bathrooms of Collierville High School, a school ranked with very high academic excellence, one may expect a fairly clean space, stocked supplies, and efficient stalls. This is because a bathroom’s level of cleanliness, soap and paper towels, and even graffiti can give insight to the climate of the school as much as the extracurricular activities and academic programs. Collierville High School, in this respect, is slacking. 

Is this an actual issue or is this just something to shrug off?

“I refuse to use the bathrooms at the school because the guy’s bathrooms are super nasty and have no locks.” (Patrick Chavalier, 12)

I had asked why having no locks was a part of the issue and Patrick replied, “Most of the time guys don’t even look under (the stall); they just kick the door.”

I wanted to find out more and seek situations encountered personally during school hours. I found a girl willing to share her embarrassing story.

“I got walked in on once, that’s why a lot of people put their backpacks against the door.” (Sarah Saetang, 12)

This isn’t only Sarah; this is a problem that many girls have to come across daily in the girl’s school restroom. With further questions and investigation Al Smith (12) and Trey Kelly (9) filled me in on other issues I haven’t heard of.  I found out that the language hallway boys bathrooms do not have doors AT ALL. There’s only 1 door out of all of them, and even then there is still NO lock. The information I received then transitioned from privacy to sanitary issues.  

“The school really needs to send someone into these bathrooms and clean up this crap. There’s no locks on any of the doors, dead bugs in one of the urinals, and it’s just unsanitary!” (Trey Kelly, 9)

Here at CHS, many students agree that the bathrooms do not give off a strong degree of school pride or general feeling of safety. As a matter of fact, some students will not use the stalls all together because of how uncomfortable it makes them feel. After asking some of the Dragons how they felt about this school facility, they gave pretty clear and concise responses.


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