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High School Bucket-list

©Greg Vote

©Greg Vote

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Things that every high schooler should do before they graduate.

1) Stay up all night and learn how your body reacts to no sleep.
2) Go to the prom; It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. If nothing else, go just to say you were there. Who knows, you might actually have a blast!
3) Sleep in a car; It’s not exactly luxurious, but it’s a novelty and sort of exciting to wake up like you’re a nomad in a non-bedroom, non-bed environment.
4) Go on a road trip; Hit the road with your best friends and enjoy the journey as the big, wide world flies past your car window.
5) Go to a midnight movie premiere; There’s nothing like squeezing into a jam-packed theater to immerse yourself in the complete awesomeness of that movie you’ve been dying to see.
6) Get your driver’s license; Getting your license will push you toward that independence and self-sufficiency you’re yearning for. Also, it’s much more convenient to learn and practice driving when you’re at home rather than at college.
7) Learn to cook, clean, and do laundry; Once you head to college or get a place of your own, these household chores will become survival skills you need for living away from home.
8) Take a college tour; Preview your next stage of education; you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting into. Also, the personal feel of a college is a significant factor that could affect your choice.
9) Fall asleep in class; You’ve never really lived until you’ve committed the crime of a quick slumber at your desk.
10) Register to vote; Take advantage of your opportunity to vote in the election that will change the future of the U.S.
11) Write a letter to your best friend; Who knows, this might be last time you see him/her after high school.

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High School Bucket-list