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10 Things You “Need” in High School


Yoosun Park, Writer

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Have you ever thought you were missing something other then the basic folders, binders, paper, pencil, etc…, when you were preparing school supplies for your upcoming high school year? Well no need to worry now, only 10 simple things are required to help you survive your 4 years of high school.

#1: Phone

-An essential tool you must have in school. Without it you’ll be behind and isolated from the rest of the crowd.

#2: Ear Plugs

-A need for when you want to jam out to music without other people hearing the music you listen to.

#3: Portable Charger

-Most teachers won’t let you charge your phone during class, so you need one hidden in your backpack so you can charge your phone without getting caught.

#4: Emergency Money

-Sometimes in the hallway things are being sold, so if you need or want something that’s selling, you always need to have money ready just in case.

#5: Snacks

-If you miss breakfast or just get hungry a lot, then you need snacks to be energized throughout the day.

#6: Water Bottle

-Carrying around water bottles can keep you hydrated, and if you run out of water then you can always refill it in the water fountains. Also teachers can’t forbid drinking water in class.

#7: Gum

-Something you absolutely need after lunch.

#8: Watch

-Some classrooms don’t have clocks, so if your phoneless, you might want to get yourself a watch cause knowing the time is super important and it will help you keep up in high school.

#9: Jacket

-Warning: Most classrooms are extremely cold. Must have a jacket with you at all times.

#10: Ponytail (only for girls and guys with long hair)

-It just gets hot sometimes and long hair tends to bother you in warm temperatures, so make sure to always carry around a ponytail, in case you feel the need to tie your hair.

These are the 10 things you’ll definitely need in high school, there may be more, but for now try to have these materials ready before school starts. Good luck and have fun surviving high school.

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10 Things You “Need” in High School