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Have you ever thought about how long schools in the United States have been in existence?  Our American schools dates back to the 17th century.  The thirteen original colonies all had some type of educational system. The colonists would be surprised to see how much education has advanced over the past four hundred years.  

Some of the teachers at CHS have seen changes since they were last in high school. Mr. Sanders, for example, was a freshman in high school in 1983 and graduated in 1987. He did not have any modern technological gizmos that today’s high schoolers do.  There were no cell phones, no personal computers. When he had to do research, Mr. Sanders had to go to the library and use the card catalogue to find books for information. Students relied on taking notes during class for tests and other assignments. Also, the teachers were more lecture and non-student centered, unlike to day’s typical classroom.

Mrs. Kendall graduated from high school in 1973. The only real advancement during her high school years was a calculator.  One difference that she noted was the many class offerings of today that were not available when she was in high school.  For instance, there were not many AP and honors classes, and the number electives were slimmer than what is offered in modern day high schools.

A student in high school today has many more options than students who attended even ten years ago. CHS is on the cutting edge of using technology in the classroom.  Already in place are smart boards, computers, iPads, drones, online textbooks, etc. Coming up in the next couple of years, all students in high school will have a laptop that they will check out like a textbook at the beginning of the school year.  Can you imagine how colonists would react to this if they could come back for one day?  Maybe they would be curious.  Maybe they would be amazed.  Maybe they would be scared. Who knows?  

One thing for sure, whether the schools were in colonial America or in today’s world, the one common goal they all have is to educate.

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