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Survival Tips For Good Grades

Lindsey Barron, Author

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Second semester is the most difficult of the two. This semester is when most people try really hard to  obtain good grades and keep them. But, for most people getting the grades that they want can be a struggle. It can be difficult to sit down, focus and study.  After a while it will get tiring and can just be too much to handle all at once. Here are some ways to get good grades and survive the rest of this school year.


  • Get some sleep. Getting enough sleep each night  is very important. With sleep you are able to be fully awake so you can pay attention in class. It’s also beneficial for studying as you will be able to focus while do.  


  • Plan ahead. Planning ahead will able to help you make sure you don’t miss doing anything. Nobody likes to forget that they have an assignment due that they haven’t started on yet. The plan can make doing work less stressful, because you will know everything you have to do and when.


  • Take good notes. Taking good notes will be super helpful. Having neat notes that have all the information will be it a lot easy to study in the long run. With it organized, studying will be faster, and you will be able to understand it without having a hard time doing so.


  • Take breaks. Do work and studying for 2 hours straight can make doing the work very hard. You won’t get as much information as you would studying for 20 minutes with 15 minute breaks.


  • Don’t cram the night before. Most people (including myself) think that studying the night before or the day of the test will work. It will only make you nervous, resulting in not knowing the information. Study a few days before so you will have time to go over the topics you aren’t very sure about. It will also make it so that you feel more comfortable walking in class on test day.


With these tips, getting the grades you want should be easier to accomplish. The end of the school year will be here faster than you know, so I would get to work now.


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Survival Tips For Good Grades