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New CHS Policies

Lindsey Barron, Editor

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Collierville High School had adapted to some new school policies for the 2017-2018 school year. These new rules are to help students stay in the classrooms for a longer time and to also give them time to enjoy life.


The first new policy is the 10 and 10 policy. This started to be enforced the last school year, but this year school administration and teachers are cracking down on it this year. This is a rule for when you are allowed to leave your classroom. For the first 10 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class students are not supposed to leave the classrooms. The school is trying to stop people from wondering around the hallways. Another aspect that goes with this is wearing or bringing a hall pass. Each teacher was given 2 hall passes to allow students to use if they need to leave the classroom in the 20 minute time that they really have.


The second school policy/idea is giving each students 5 personal days for the school year. Let’s say there was a concert going on and you really wanted to go to it but it hits right in the middle of a school week. All you would have to do is turn in a sheet to the office a week ahead of time and you are free to miss school. Keep in mind that these do go against the three absences for being exempt for exams. Now students do not have the need to lie and they they are sick when they were really have fun and enjoying the one life that they have.


The last school policy is that now every student is exempt from BOTH mid-terms and end of year exams. They only catch is that students must make a 90 or above for the average of that semester and have only 3 excused absences. This new rule will encourage students to study and try harder in school.

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New CHS Policies