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Alaina Allen, Staff Writer

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As most people might be aware of, this past Friday was the Collierville High School marching band’s first public performance of the 2017-2018 school year. This year, the band program has two brand new directors, Mr. Barnes and Mr. Richardson and they are working to take the marching band program to greater heights in the coming years through harder music and drills, and a stronger emphasis on being a competitive band. Mr. Barnes himself has said that, ideally, the Collierville High School marching band will be performing in competitions of the national scale in three to four years. It is truly exciting to imagine where our marching band program may be in just a couple of years.

This year’s marching band production is entitled “Reign of Fire” and tells a story of dragons throughout mythology and various cultures. The program is made of three parts, the introduction, a balladic movement entitled “Fire of Eternal Glory” and the finale.

The band only performed the opener of the program this past Friday, but they are hard at work to prepare the second part of the program. There is no set date for when the program’s second part may be ready, but from an inside perspective, the musical component of the second part of the show is coming along well. This Monday’s after school band practice was dedicated almost entirely to getting the full band comfortable with playing the new ballad piece, and beginning to get it up to the right tempo. The piece features a clarinet trio feature along with a small brass ensemble feature. Hopefully, it will become something quite lovely to listen to.

The band is also hard at work to learn and perfect the drill sets for the second part of their program. Unless it’s raining out, the band is out on the marching field, hard at work. Though a lot of people might argue that marching band is not a real sport, it is truly challenging and requires abundant amounts of focus, discipline and coordination. Imagine having to memorize a complicated piece of music and having to learn to march and play it at the exact same time. It can get extremely difficult! But as with everything we do, the only way to improve at anything is to continue to work long and hard at it. As a clarinet player in the band, myself, the work marching band takes is unlike anything else I have ever done. But performing is quite rewarding and the long hours of practice will get easier as I become more acclimated to it. I hope our future performances will be great and that we can continue to grow and improve!

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An Inside Scoop on the CHS Marching Band