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Delta Fair

A view of one of the rides at the Delta Fair.

A view of one of the rides at the Delta Fair.

Gary & Carol Cox

Gary & Carol Cox

A view of one of the rides at the Delta Fair.

Elizabeth Hobson, Staff Writer

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The Delta Fair is back again this year! It offers many options like rides, live music, special events, livestock shows, and many other enjoyments for families and friends. The day attractions consists of a petting zoo, the 4-H and FFA’s Children Petting Zoo, Mechanical bull rides, helicopter rides, and several more fun events to attend to. There are many events for you to explore.

Many people are attending the Delta Fair and many people are asking if there are any coupons they can use since some people have more kids in their family,etc. If you want to get cheaper tickets to the Delta Fair, then go to Kroger and purchase a family fun pack for $64. The pack includes 2 Adult Admissions, 2 Youth Admissions & 2 Ride Wristbands. The wristbands cost $25 each and the entire pack is worth $80.  On Thursdays, all the rides are $1 each while on Wednesdays, wristbands and other items are $10 each. Tickets for both adults and teenagers cost $10, a child’s ticket costs $5, and anyone under 4 years old is free.

Whether you are going with friends or family, the Delta Fair is a great place to go! They offer lots of scrumptious goodies, different concession stands, and wonderful drinks. Here are some recommendations for truly experiencing the Delta Fair:

  1. Attend at least one of the live concerts. It’s especially interesting if it is your first time!
  2. Enjoy yourself by eating some food and drifting away from reality for just a few hours.
  3. Go all out! Ride a tractor or see the pigs.
  4. If you are interested, go see a livestock show.
  5. The Delta Fair has day attractions for people of all ages, so visit as many as you can!
  6. Most importantly, have fun!

Even if you miss the Delta Fair you can always go next year or look up pictures from this year. While that may not be as fun as going to the real thing, at least you can understand how fun it is to visit. However, if you do happen to go, here are some of the necessities:

  1. Cash
  2. Hand sanitizer.
  3. Appropriate clothing dependent on the weather.
  4. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and braces, make sure to bring a toothbrush!
  5. Bottled Water. Isn’t it so funny that some fairs have over priced drinks or food? If you don’t want to spend $3-$4 on a water bottle, then bring your own.
  6. Phone. While you should enjoy the fair, you should always have a phone in the case of an emergency.

I hope everyone gets to go to the Delta Fair either this year or next. Good luck facing the crowds and have fun!

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Delta Fair