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Tips for first-time Auditioners

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As many of the students at CHS know, auditions for our spring musical Catch Me If You Can are coming up. While so many are preparing for this upcoming event, some might be a tad nervous or anxious about auditioning against so many people. We all have felt the nerves of auditioning for plays, solos, or dance companies for the first time. I myself remember the first time I auditioned and how uncontrollably  shaky I was. If you are feeling anxious about any certain audition this article is for you. Today I am bringing you audition tips from experienced dancers, singers, and actors.


Dancing Auditions

Dancing auditions can be very scary. I interviewed several girls on the topic of dancing and they have some input. The first lady I interviewed was a Studio 413 dancer who has been dancing for a very long time, Brooke Johnson. Brooke dances in numerous types of classes. Brooke has aced several auditions, but has failed a few as well. Johnson believes the most important thing you can do during an audition is smile. “The judges won’t take off point if you mess up a routine (when you audition). They will absolutely take off points if you don’t smile. Smiling is the most important part of an audition! It shows you are confident.” Johnson also mentions that the worst think you can do in an audition is sickle your feet. “don’t EVER sickle your feet! I have seen so many sickled feet while auditioning in my life and it makes me cringe.” Brooke mentioned that she really doesn’t get nervous for the audition, she is anxious to see if she had nailed the audition and was chosen. Something wierd that Brooke realized while she was being interview was “Every time [she]  auditions and [she] killed it [she] has had Zaxby’s afterword. The one time [she] failed an audition [she] didn’t have [her] Zaxby’s afterword.” While Brooke is more of a contemporary dancer, the other dancer I interview is a ballet and tap dancer who has been dancing since the 3rd grade. Her name is Elizabeth Flood. Elizabeth has  confessed that she sometimes is nervous before an audition like many other people. Elizabeth says “I eat my way out of my nerves and I have good friends who help me through them (the nerves).” Lizzie pointed out  that when you audition you have to pay attention, because if you zone out for 5 seconds you could miss out on a combination. Also she recognized that she has failed an audition for not paying attention to what side she was supposed to go off of. A weird quirk that Lizzie realized happens when she nails an audition is that she is wearing a ballet skirt. The time she was not wearing her skirt she failed the audition. These two ladies are very experienced and as long as you don’t sickle your feet during your audition you will be perfectly fine.


Theatre Auditions

Theatre auditions may look easy, but they are truly one of the most frustrating parts of an actor/actress’ life. To help me explain this nerve racking event I have interviewed the lovely Gracie Tanner. Gracie is a talented singer and actress who has been in the arts since around 5th grade.  Gracie explains “I get nervous before some auditions, but it’s not very often to be honest. When I do get nervous I listen to a certain song and it really energizes me and makes me feel better.” As we continued to talk back in forth Gracie commented on what to do when auditioning for a play. She said “It truly does help when you audition to act like no one is watching you or you can do what I do. I pretend the big scary people are pineapples. However, do not laugh while you are doing this technique or through the audition in general. If your voice cracks or you mess up just keep going. I’ve seen someone do that and they started dying laughing in the middle of their performance.”


Solo Auditions

In my opinion the most frightening audition out there is singing. I myself am a singer for CHS and for a sweet lady named Barbra Posner. I always am nervous before auditioning for any singing audition. The scary part for me is just being judged on how my voice sound in comparison to professional singers or fellow students. Usually to deal with these nerves I try to listen to my favorite song or I’ll talk to me best friend about my nerves. While I have aced auditions for numerous solos and choirs, I have also failed man auditions to nerves. What can kill you during any singing audition is being to afraid to sing out. I remember auditioning for something that was really important to me and I was placed a number below the last girl who was in the choir I desperately wanted to be in. While it was saddening at the time, I learned a very important lesson for auditioning: Never be afraid of singing, you have your own unique voice that fits you so when you audition let the entire room here you and your confidence. A funny little quirk that I find hilarious is when I audition for something first I always  make it. The times I don’t do so well in the auditions I’m last.


In conclusion, there is nothing to be afraid about. As long as you smile, show your confident side, and are truly yourself during the audition you will be fine. We all have felt those nerves and trust me, over the next time you audition for something you won’t be as nervous as you were before. One last note: if you don’t make it into the show you wanted to be in, don’t stop trying. Never stop trying until you do make it or nothing will feel better. Happy Auditioning!

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Tips for first-time Auditioners