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Basic Photography Tips for Beginners

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Photography is so much fun! But it maybe overwhelming when your first starting and wanting to get a bit more serious. Here are some basic tips to help:

  1. Pay attention to your composition. A good, basic rule to follow is the rule of thirds, and you’ve probably heard of it. A quick explanation is to visualize lines splitting your picture into thirds, and those lines would be where you want to place your subject. This is a great, foolproof way for automatically better pictures. Of course, as with everything I mention, rules are meant to be broken,as its important to still try other things in order to grow in skill.
  2. Leading Lines. Another super helpful way to make sure your subject is where the viewer’s eye is drawn to in your photographs are leading lines. Leading lines are, for example if you are taking pictures down a path, and you have your subject on that path. Placing your subject in the middle of the edges of the path naturally bring your attention to the subject, as those lines are literally leading to the subject. If you have the opportunity to implement leading lines, I recommend you use it and be careful that those lines do not cut off the subject harshly.
  3. Don’t try to copy other photographers. It’s great to see a picture you like and take inspiration from it. But if all of your pictures become replicas of other photographer’s style and photos, you won’t ever discover your own style, or grow as a photographer. Of course it is still important to look at others work and be inspired by it, but be careful not to lose your way.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of the weirdest stuff, it’s important to take pictures of what you want, even if it turns out bad. Art is art and it’s important to remember that. Your pictures are yours and with time and practice, your skills will progress.


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Basic Photography Tips for Beginners