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“The Mousetrap” – An Interview with Mr. Salter

A tale of suspense, paranoia, and MURDER.

A promotion for another performance of the play.


A promotion for another performance of the play.

Trey Kelly, Head Editor

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What if you were trapped in a hotel during a snowstorm with seven other people and knew either one of them or you were the murderer? This is the driving question behind Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery The Mousetrap. In this decades-old tale of suspense and twists, seven individuals are trapped at Monkswell Manor in the midst of a fierce blizzard; they learn from a detective one of them is a wanted murderer. The Mousetrap manages to set up a story with a twist ending you would never expect coming as the culprit is not the butler, but rather someone else. On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Keith Salter, the director of the Draco Playhouse’s performance of the aforementioned play. I asked him several questions about the play and how he feels about his performance. Here’s the full interview, albeit a bit paraphrased;


TK: Firstly, what’s your name and role in this production of The Mousetrap?

KS: My name is Mr. Salter. I’m the head of the theater faculty and director of The Mousetrap.


TK: How long have you been in theater for?

KS: This is my thirty-third year at Collierville, but overall I’ve been in theater for about 40 years.


TK: What’s The Mousetrap about?

KS: A group of people has been snowed in at a guesthouse somewhere in the country. Someone has been murdered and they’re now trying to figure out who did it.


TK: If you were to describe the emotions and feelings surrounding the play, how would you?

KS: Suspicion, fear, and paranoia.


TK: How do you feel about this performance?

KS: I feel good about this performance; the kids have done a really great job of bringing this old play to life and building the set. It will hopefully provide an enjoyable evening to all of those in attendance.


TK: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers to entice them to see the play?

KS: I’m being intentionally vague with these next two words: don’t jump.

What could Mr. Salter mean by those two words? Who is the murdered and who is the murderer? Find out this Thursday, November 9th, through Sunday, November 12th in the Collierville High School auditorium when the Draco Playhouse presents The Mousetrap. Performances on Thursday thru Saturday begin at 7:00 PM while the performance on Sunday will begin at 2:00 PM; tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and are available at the door.

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“The Mousetrap” – An Interview with Mr. Salter