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Interview with Chick Fil A Head Manager

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Q – “What’s it like running a popular restaurant such as Chick Fil A?”

A- “It can definitely be a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with short labor or a large amount of customers, anything can o wrong but i try my best to make sure everything goes well.”

Q – “What’s it like when you see a long line of customers and your location is extremely busy?”

A – “I’s not cary or anything like that… I get very focused and like i said, try to do my best to make sure customers get taken care of and everything goes well.”

Q – “What’s your favorite position to work at”

A – “Well the best position normally for me to do is bagging. when you’re bagging the food, for front counter a least, its easy to pull away to help quickly with a problem or hop on another position if needed. my favorite would probably be lobby. i enjoy the simplicity of cleaning tables and making sure they’re enjoying the Chick Fil A experience. i can do that more in lobby than i can at a register.”

Q – “What’s you favorite menu item/meal?”

A – “I really enjoy the Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich with pepperjack cheese. i always get a large fry and a root beer with it as well. i will say though, we have very good milkshakes.”

Q – “What do you think of Chick Fil A as a franchise?”

A – “I think Chick Fil A is a great company. We make sure we have good for, good employees, and a general good attitude all around the restaurant. And sadly that’s a lot more then i can say about other restaurants.”

Q – “Do you think your employees do a good job?”

A- “Oh i think they do a great job. Our Chick Fil A is a busy one and under the circumstances, i’d say our workers do a good job. Granted since we do hire 14 year olds and up, we do have problems of people going on their phones or just being lazy but that get’s outshined by the great work people normally do at work.”

Q – “What’s your ideal employee?”

A – “We hope that our applicants are ready to focus, work hard, and be as friendly and efficient as possible.”

Q – “Why do you hire so young?”

A – “Well that’s more of an owner’s choice, which is why not every location does that. But we like to hire at 14 because we think 14 and 15 year olds are mature enough to start working and it helps them learn how handling a job works.”

Q – “Is it easy hiring young people?”

A – “It can definitely be challenging at some points, mostly because it’s their first job and its a whole new environment for them. But they do learn and grow to be better employees and we’re glad to have them.”

Q – “What’s the best thing about working for Chcik Fil A?”

A – “hmm… I would ay it’s doing a good job and a customer telling you how much they appreciated your help and service. I’s a really good feeling to work here, i like it a lot.”

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Interview with Chick Fil A Head Manager