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The Dragon Spirit


The Dragon Spirit is a student produced digital and print media source serving the students and faculty of Collierville High School and its surrounding community.  Our primary purpose is to inform and entertain our audience with respects to subjects that may affect our readers, while additionally functioning as a forum for the voices of the students of Collierville High School.

It’s production and funding are the sole responsibility of students enrolled in the CHS Journalism course.

All content decisions are at the discretion of the student staff with the guidance of their faculty advisor.  While the staff welcomes constructive feedback, story ideas, submissions, and editorial content, all final decisions lie with the appointed editorial board.

The Dragon Spirit welcomes advertising but reserves the right to refuse any and all advertisements considered false or misleading to the CHS student body.  No advertisements will be printed which do not meet with the standards of our community or controvert the policies of Collierville High School or Collierville Schools.  Advertisements which appear in The Dragon Spirit or online are not necessarily endorsed by the publication, its advisor, or its staff.

The Dragon Spirit is committed to balanced, impartial, and unbiased coverage of news events.  Staff reporters and writers attempt to consider all perspectives of an issue in a fair, even, and honest manner.  Though national and international issues may be covered from a local viewpoint, emphasis is placed on local and regional events which more directly affect our readership.

The Dragon Spirit seeks to provide an open public forum for students, staff, and community members to present opinions and concerns.  The Constitution of the United States affords both the freedom and the responsibility to agree or dissent as well as to question and discuss regardless of current popular opinion.  Editorials & opinions – whether written by members of staff or submitted by readership – will be published according to same publishing policies aforementioned.  Editorials, commentaries, or opinions are subject to the following strictures:

  • Written submissions must be signed and include contact information for verification purposes.
  • Electronic submissions must include the name of the author and relevant contact information beyond email address.
  • Submissions or letters from more than one person must be co-signed by all parties and include contact information for each signatory.
  • Submissions must adhere to a strict 250 word limit and are subject to edit for grammar & content should it be necessary.
  • Verification of authorship must be evidenced by staff before publication takes place.
  • Due to limitations, the staff does not guarantee that all editorials, opinions, or submissions will be published; however, the staff will make a concerted effort to ensure fair, impartial, and unbiased coverage as best allowed.

The Dragon Spirit will not print any material deemed libelous, obscene, indecent, profane, or considered a disruption of the school process.  Any material received for publication considered as such by the staff or its advisors will be reported to members of administration or proper authorities immediately.

The student news site of Collierville High School