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Kayla Cave
Kayla Cave is a sophomore at Collierville High school. She has a love for writing and is co-editor of the Collierville Dragon Spirit.  Kayla is a Navy Brat and is very proud of her title.  She has moved 8 times, lived in 7 different states, and attended 9 different schools. (Including being homeschooled for a year.)  In Kindergarten, Kayla was in ballet. She was all right, but she quit soon after she started because she didn’t like putting her hair up (Her mother is still not happy with her.). In 5th grade she was an angel in the Nativity scene of her class’s Christmas show.  (Mrs. Cave was very proud to see that the tin foil halo was still in tact.)  In 6th grade Kayla got pulled out for homeschooling, and after 8th grade, Kayla moved back to the town she now calls home.  She moved from Pearl Harbor, HI to Collierville, TN. Today, Kayla is successful in everything she does.  She just won the election to be president of her own fan club.  

Kayla Cave, Co-editor

The student news site of Collierville High School