The Dragon Spirit

Nahomy Trinidad
Nahomy Trinidad is a fifteen year old mexican girl who is a sophomore this year. Her full name is Perla Nahomy Trinidad Perez, but for a new year she decided to keep it as simple and unique with “Nahomy”. With an ambition for a future career in writing books, she entered into the Newspaper class to start off with writing articles on events that occur locally and worldwide. Becoming a New York bestselling author is her first dream which is why she needs to excel in her english studies even if at times the journey will get tough. Something else she is looking forward to is training to become a full pledged boxer which will need will power and the flame of determination. She wants to train throughout the school years so when she graduates from Collierville High School, she is physically prepared as well as preparing for New York University. Things that can’t be done are things she wants to do. Ms.Trinidad’s favorite things are mint chocolate ice cream, Takis, and instead of gazing out at stars, she’d rather fix her eyes on balloons that are let free in the sky. There are also things that are frustrating to Nahomy, like losing or not being able to accomplish things. But the one thing she hates the most is mushrooms and since school does not involve mushrooms, Nahomy is looking forward to school each and everday!

Nahomy Trindad, Staff Writer

The student news site of Collierville High School